10. Michael Wollny – The Model (live)

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Punk mixed into Jazz and a Schubert-interpretation on the same album as a Kraftwerk-cover. Can this work out? The piano trio [em] celebrates it on its latest album from 2012.

The trio, which found together in 2002, consists of Eva Krause (double bass), Eric Schaefer (drum kit) and Michael Wollny (piano). While all of them see themselves as equal composers, Michael Wollny is the best-known member of the group. Praised by the specialized press, he played already with well-established giants of the international jazz scene. You can see his ability to choose exceptional ways in music and to adapt to playing partners for instance at the performance with Helge Schneider and the polish pianist Leszek Możdżer. We already presented the virtuoso duo Możdżer/Wollny last year.

This year’s musical advent calenders ‘tenth door’ hides the vigorous cover of a Kraftwerk classic. Of course, this is rather an interpretation than a one-to-one copy, so the track’s name allows to contain an “l” more. By his own statement, Wolly wants to absorb punk music within jazz. If he understands punk as something unorthodox, unpolished and individual, the trio succeeds splendidly.