11.12. The Tap Tap – Moje volba

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The Tap Tap, founded in 1998, are not only well known in the Czech Republic but also among the fans of the GFPS Musical Advent Calendar. Two years ago they rocked our blog and in last year’s best-of they won the vote for the most-loved musical goodie.
For today’s song “Moje Volba” we can highly recommend the check the lyrics as well. If you come to like it, you can learn more about the band in our musical goodie from two years ago.

The Tap Tap – My choice

My father told me: build a house, plant a tree and have a son
but you have to find the harbour to anchor in by yourself
A house build with stones will not be destroyed by a thunderstorm and stones don’t burn
But a shilly-shally heart is a ship rolling on the ocean

Hej hou, hej hou, jipi jipi já hou… ahoj!

And that’s how my life started
For a while it went south, immediately after it went north
Where we will go, I don’t know
And where I’ll anchor in the end
If you’re afraid, stay at home,
I’m attracted by blank spots on maps

Hej hou, hej hou, jipi jipi já hou… ahoj!

I swim in this sea,
sometimes I’m a carp, sometimes a hike
and even if I don’t have the teeth of a shark,
my joy is big and wild
I got what I wanted,
I chose my own path
And even if I stumble often,
I don’t cry and whine

Hej hou, hej hou, jipi jipi já hou… ahoj!

Translated by Ajo & Mareike.