11. Kazana Twister feat Alban Juarez & Łona – Glas and Smoke

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That beat is just awesome. We thought. And quickly added this groovy clash of musical galaxies to this year’s musical adventcalendar.

The Stettin’ saxophonist Kazana is usually at home in the jazz-area, the percussionist José Manuel Albán Juarez in all sorts of areas of the Polish music scene from Free Jazz to Hip Hop, whereas DJ Twister’s home is in Trance and HipHop. Rapper Łona adds his big beats and rhymes to the song.

This song is off their August-released album “Mam dwóch wnuków w Birmingham” – an allusion to the mass emigration of young and well-educated Poles to Great Britain in the recent years. In Poland, however, the parties are from out-of-space.

Introduction: Lukas. Translation: Kuba, Thomas & Mareike.


Glas and Smoke

[1st verse: Łona]
You’re waiting on actions? Look how these actions are cut here
Hours pass and what do we see? Only glasses and smoke
By the way, we seem to “see” the bad word
Because the glasses multiply, the vision is getting worse and worse, that happens
Leave the daughters of Corinth, there you have sons
Who are by any force constantly attracted to glasses and smoke
They left the rest of their dignity at the doorstep
And drift into the chaos, right into the fire

[Saxophone solo: Kazana]

[2nd verse: Łona]
Move all your senses as long as it lasts
That’s a clear thing – without any fis, without any H
Just not without a glass, somehow not without smoke
But these are signs, and we trust them by nature
The glass appears in the distance, which is not really a plan
But the smoke we have, so we give the primacy to it and its likes
Wait for the moment when it all comes together
And the glass turns into smoke, the smoke swirls through the glass – an ideal chaos.

[Scratches: Twister]

[3rd verse: Łona]
You’re searching for the smoke – it looks like I know it
Look through the glass into the smoke, maybe it makes sense then?
Take the thing, look at the big picture
Though we have no goal, we have a lot of momentum
Don’t lead us to indulgence, that would hurt

But in order to confess you first need to go wild
And because we have the money, you know the outcome
The glass shall fly, the smoke shall swirl!

[Saxophone solo: Kazana]