13.12. Pomidor/off – Дым

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We stick to handmade guitar music. Compared to yesterday’s track, Alexnder Pomidorova’s band cannot be counted as Punk but rather a mix of alternative rock and metal. Its video reminds us a little of the very first musical goodie that we published on December 1st 2009 and came from Belarus, too. Enjoy headbanging!

Tomato/off – Smoke

These are the borders, this is a funeral
These are our towers, this is your place
Smoke chases the wind

This is Dad, this is Mum
This is a dream, this is knick-knacks
This is gold, silver or bronze
You would fly, but can only crawl
Awful is this smell
Sad it is with these people
Sad things, sad words

Translated by Iryna, Lukas & Mareike.