14. Floex feat. Never Sol – Gone

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Floex is still new to our calendar. Tomáš Dvořák, a Czech composer, multimedia artist and producer from Prague, is the head of this project. With his music he combines electronic and acoustic elements in a special atmospheric way. The clip from “Gone feat. Never Sol” is almost untypical for a Czech video. The film director A.A. Stewart showed all her skills here. The video adds to the song exactly with what the song casts a spell, and makes you calm and happy at the same time.

Presented and translated by Marketa & Mareike


I never heard the sound
The only reason
It opened up the earth to the night
At first I let it come
My eyes just swallowed
Covers hit the ground
Slipped apart

Where have you gone?
Do you go now?
Seems like a force/like a horse running
Through dark eyes
We plant a scar in the soil/through the fields
Who can now or later decide?
What a future can become

Either way it comes
It ends the season
The problem will be hard
My dying hearts
Is the first I heard it done
In the name of tomorrow
I’ve never heard the sound
Ripped apart

What would it be like
If the world just fell apart
I’ve never heard the sound
Ripped apart