16. Umse feat. Megaloh – In Rage

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Now, the season for cruising through the sunny landscape is over. Nevertheless the song “In Aufruhr” (In rage) could become an evergreen and that matches the days of the Christmas tree quiet well. The two rappers Umse and Megaloh aren’t complete unknowns in the rap scene anymore. Fortunately, they also get fame beyond the subculture. However, the two artists complement each other well. Umse emancipates himself from his image as student rapper and Megaloh seems to distance himself from his yobbo attitude by cruising in a yellow VW Beetle through the hinterland of Berlin.

The two rappers deal with two classic rap subjects: On the one hand they represent their skills and talent, on the other hand, they show some toys and point out limits to their rap rivals: “Die Leute sind sehr aufgeregt, was’ los bei Deinen Shows? Die Räume sind wie ausgefegt.“ (Megaloh; The people are excited, what’s up in your show? The concert hall looks completely sweeped.). But regarding the danceable beat non-hip-hop ears could like that song.

Well, what should we learn of that for Christmas? Maybe that sometimes it is better just to dance through the living room while doing the gift giving. So, one can outrival the competitors in a battle for the best presents.

Introduction by Holger, translated by Holger, Mareike

In Rage

I need a break to catch my breath, never wanted to take root
Briefly speaking, this bullshit is like having birthday
You have to celebrate it, our names on tour posters
It’s gonna be a long time until we say “I gotta go”
As long as the clocks tick, we say “Just don’t wait”
What a life, walking through the park through rain and storm
We’re not from yesterday like a castle with a moat
We catch on with tracks that have always been far above average
Umse and Deckah, underground rapper
The two buddies let it rumble for the art – even better
The fact that we make music has a reason like water
Hundreds of hits, always clever, not as dull as your knife
No trash for the shredder, albums more and more rounded and wicked
So go get it or get lost and pump David Guetta
We confront the devil when we celebrate it with you
At least with the LP you have the shit up top

We assume this vibe is kicking you
Make a disc and tour with it
You need to reckon that the heat is increasing
Cause where we are folks are in rage