24. Klimt – The last moments of childhood

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Klimt is the solo project of Antoni Budziński, guitarist of “Saluminesia” from Sopot (here you can listen to their song about the Polish habit of drinking „tea with lemon“). Nomen est omen for Klimt’s first album from 2008 “Autumn Shades of Melancholy” (Jesienne odcienie melancholii): his post-rock opens up lots of space for emotions and thoughtfulness. His third album is scheduled to be released in January 2015 – for a first glimpse we recommend to check out the first single “Felicity”.

The video we present today has been published in 2014, the song however is from the 2011-released second album “Agape”. Similar to his live on-stage performances, Budziński is accompanied by Antoni Dobrzyński (guitar), Alek Gruszczyński (base), Michał Hryniewicz (chords) and Jan Budziński (percussion).

We chose it for today, because it recalls the “Last moments of childhood” – and for many people Christmas Eve does just that, it recalls memories of their own childhood. Sometimes it almost seems as if its happening all over again. Moments, emotions and encounters considered shades of the past may return during these days of Christmas celebrations.

We hope that our musical advent calendar has been a joyful company throughout your Christmas preparations.
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We wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas!

Introduction by Lukas. Translation by Lukas & Thomas.

More info on Klimt can be found on his website: http://klimt.art.pl/