3. Pablopavo i Ludziki – Alfabet

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Today, our goodie addresses mostly to young people and to all of those, who always wanted to get in touch with the Polish alphabet. In this video, every letter introduces a word that begins with that very same letter.

The mentioned music video is part of a campaign called “Ojczysty – dodaj do ulubionych“ which could translate into “Put your mother tongue to the your favorites”. By the way, in Polish the first language is associated with father and not with mother (literally: father tongue). However, the campaign “should recall the role of the mother tongue in the life of Polish people” and it underlines that “the language is valuable in itself, a common right, and that we all should appreciate it.” The campaign is organized by the National Culture Center and by the “Council of Polish language” (http://www.jezykojczysty.pl/kategorie/o-kampanii.html).

The animated video is made by Łukasz Rusinek who has been a video producer since 2009. His first commercial success coincides with the rise of musician Pablopavo (Paweł Sołtys), one of the best known Raggamuffin vocalists in Poland. Already in Musikadventskalender 2010 he gave us a fair impression of his work, combined with a video made by Łukasz Rusinek.

In fact, you can find a good Youtube comment on today’s song by user Ataman:
“One can say that it is a song – without a text but with the whole alphabet.”



A, A,
Ą, Ą
B, B
C, C
Ć, Ć
D, D
E, E
Ę, Ę
F, F,
G, G,
H, Haha, H
I, I
K, K
L, L
Ł, Ł
M, M
N, N
Ń, Ń
O, oooo, O
Ó, Ó
P, P,
R, R,
S, S,
Ś, Ś
T, T,
U, Uuu,
W, W
Y, Y,
Z, Z,


Sources: http://www.jezykojczysty.pl/kategorie/o-kampanii.html, http://www.karrot.pl/rusinek, http://www.karrot.pl/pablopavo