8.12. NEO MAGAZIN ROYALE mit Jan Böhmermann – Spring for Frauke

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Since his “Schmähgedicht” (taunting poem) and the following diplomatic disgruntlement between Germany and Turkey, Jan Böhmermann is known beyond Germany’s borders. An old companion, who also defended him in the accompanying debates in the media, is Serdar Somuncu. In his various roles as author, political satirist or musician he lays it on the line.
In the following musical performance from Böhermann’s show NEO MAGAZIN ROYALE from March 2016, all similarities between the situation in Germany in 1932 and a certain German political party are purely coincidental.

NEO MAGAZIN ROYALE with Jan Böhmermann – Spring for Frauke

[Jan Böhmermann]
The homeland is in a deep crisis, hopeless and panicking.
We need new leaders because the old ones are no use at all!
But whom, just whom, are we going to elect? To protest!
We Germans feel so bad!
Who cares, this time we vote right!

And now it’s spring for Frauke and Beatrix!
Germany – we’re back on the map again!
Again, we don’t give a shit about humans!
Again, Germany is voting national!
Nazis in Stuttgart and Magdeburg!
Nazis in the house of the German Order!
Spring for Frauke and Beatrix!
Nazis in and immigrants out!

[Serdar Somuncu]:
Exactly, I’m from Bitterfeld and I voted AfD!
Mannheim sings, Mannheim laughs!
I checked the box for the right!

[Jan Böhmermann]:
The Muslim croaks in the Mediterranean Sea, well, still better as if he’d come here!

Spring for Frauke and Beatrix!
A victory for the master humanity!
So what, then we are right-wing radicals.
It’s only, it was only, simply a state election!

And now: Spring for Frauke and Beatrix!
Champagne for Marcus and Björn!
Germany votes alternative!
Human dignity is relative!

Spring for Frauke and Beatrix!
Come on, we light up the nigger child!
Let’s go! We beat up a bus full of refugees!
And afterward we, afterward no one,
nobody has known about it!

Translated by Thomas.