9. Bratři Orffové – Erased

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This is a little mysterious band originally coming from the town of Krnov (which is located in the mountains in north Silesia, by the borders with Poland): nowadays only the leader Ivan Gajdoš is living there, the other members (Lukáš Novotný, Matouš Godík) live in Prague.

The first album called Bingriwingri (this word doesn´t mean anything) was published in 2005. This song below comes from the second album (Šero/ Gloom) which was published after long 8 years. Their music style is characterised as „ folk“ or „computer/sci-fi folk“ and lyrics are based on word-play and various meanings (and difficult to translate). Their songs are telling the lifestory of a the guy from Krnov /probably fictional/ called Serža Vantóš, who seems to be matured – compared to his naive views in the first album. However, he is not happy and is trying to find a way to escape from the everyday stereotype.

presented and translated by Jitka, Mareike


I have lost myself,
I left for the city
I didn´t come back
I am still all alone here.

I remember those days
When the thoughts decided
That I disappeared from the memory
I have been erased forever.

It´s impossible to come back
I cannot think
I cannot remember
The code I used to have
Where I used to come home

Where I used to make love to somebody
Did anyone love me actually?
I don´t know..
I´m here alone.

Being erased, being erased
Have been erased.