Origin, idea and history of the Musikadventskalender

This post is also available in German Polish Czech Belarusian

The idea to create an advent calendar with music pieces instead of chocolate ones was born in 2009. By launching this project, we wanted to benefit from an old German tradition for the sake of the GFPS community. Actually, we combined the German heritage of the advent calendar with the new possibilities, the internet gives us. Our target was to establish an exchange of music videos with our neighbors. By this, we hoped to get deeply in touch with the music scenes of the particular cultures. At that time, we fortunately hosted a scholarship holder from Czech Republic in Freiburg who helped us to run up the project technically.

Since these days GFPS-Musikadventskalender (MAK) presents every year 24 so-called music goodies coming from the four countries which belong to the GFPS community: Belarus, Czech Republic, Germany and Poland. With a presentation of artistic and precious music videos from these different sources we hope to surprise everyone who learns languages. Besides, MAK is a participative format, which relies on suggestions, comments and a voting by the web users.

Nowadays, the people behind the project („The Team“) don’t live in Freiburg anymore but they still work for together – from 2014 on by presenting the MAK on its own website. All year round you can send suggestions for the upcoming MAK using the form on “Contact Us”. Then, the editorial staff collects and chooses the final sequence of songs while the community helps to translate the texts. In this manner, the MAK gets more and more famous.