Retrospective +++ pэтраспектыўны (retraspiektyŭny) +++ retrospektywa +++ retrospektiva

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Dear Internaut-Ladies and Internaut-Gentlemen,

the ‘Musikadventskalender’ of the GFPS is on to its seventh editon. It’s that time of the year to once again travel through the music of Middle and Eastern Europe. Each day until christmas will be lightened up by a musical goodie.

Other than in the last years, this year – for various reasons – we were’nt able to offer the full range of finding & choosing goodies, writing and editing the posts as well as the multi-lingual translations. But having no ‘Musikadventskalender’ at all was also no option.

We therefore decided to have a retrospective this year – which of the many interesting songs from Poland, Belarus, Czech Republich and Germany have been part of the last six editions? Putting these loose pieces together – what kind of picture of the musical scene of Middle and Eastern Europe do they paint?

Out of the 144 musical goodies of the past years we chose 24. They are the six most popular goodies of each of the four GFPS-Countries. The songs are presented with short introductions and hyperlinks to the original introduction.

We hope you’ll enjoy this review. It shall show how diverse and exciting the musical and cultural life in the heart of Europe is and was.

For next year’s edition we’re already gathering suggestions (via mail or via facebook). Then we’ll have a musical advent calendar of musical goodies from 2015 and 2016.

Now prick up your ears and enjoy the countdown to christmas!

Team of the Musikadventskalender